$14.95/month Monitoring

$14.95/month Monitoring

If you have an existing alarm system that is not monitored, or your contract is ending, you can get monitoring for $14.95 a month!


Your Local Alarm Dealer

Our highly trained installation professionals will assess your home or business and provide you with a security system that's right for your needs. Whether you operate a large business or you're a homeowner looking for an inexpensive way to secure your family and possessions, Tri Star Security is the right choice.


Home Invasion
Annually, 1.2 million Canadians fall victim to a property crime and 300,000 are victims of a violent crime. We will complete a security assessment and develop a complete solution that protects you from unwanted intruders.
Smoke and Fire
In 37% of the homes where fire and death occur, the smoke alarm was inoperable due to the battery. We can ensure a monitored smoke detector is always working and if fire is detected, a fire and rescue crew will be dispatched to your home within minutes – whether you are there or not.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
CO poisoning causes over 300 deaths annually in North America. CO is colourless, odourless and undetectable by humans, but with a monitored CO detector, we will sense it immediately. You will be contacted immediately and emergency help will be sent if required.
Flood & Water Damage
Flood related insurance claims in Canada are estimated to be $140 million per year. Early notification can prevent or reduce the effects of flood-related damage. We can install flood sensors in the basement, laundry room, or near any water source.
Extreme Temperature
We can install temperature sensors that monitor abnormal changes in temperature, alerting and saving you from a costly and unfortunate outcome, resulting from overheating or freezing.
Voice Response
Voice Response offers hands free communications between customers and our Monitoring Centre during an alarm. Our operators can communicate directly with you to get the necessary information to effectively handle your situation. Live communication and instant understanding will result in better responses for you.


"We were broken into when we didn’t have an alarm, I wish we had contacted Peter sooner. After our install we no longer feel vulnerable and sleep much better at night."
"Meredith and Peter go above and beyond just regular customer service. They believe in their business and it shows!"
"Using a family owned business equals great service and excellent attention to detail"
"We’ve used Tristar Security for 12 years and will never switch companies"